Betty Callaway Marketing Services

I cover every base when it comes to the marketing of the homes I place on the market in order to offer my clients maximum exposure. I invest a strong number of dollars in the listings I secure in-order to make those listings...almost famous...and to provide my clients with an opportunity for multiple offer situations.  Below is a sample of some of the marketing I utilize for maximum exposure:
  • I am a strong believer in successfully investing in the most advanced marketing systems for maximum exposure.  I invest in internet advertising in order to increase the traffic to my website in order to secure a substantial number of buyer leads for my they secure the highest level of success.  When I secure a listing I immediately post all information about the subject property on the following websites...for exceptional Buyer Participation and inquiries:
  • Online Advertising includes:,,,,,,,, 
  • Marketing benefits for my sellers include: The Professional staging and photography of each property I place on the market; Submission to the California Regional Multiple Listing Service while also providing a Virtual video tour and movie presentation for potential buyers of my listings. I am pleased to kick off our listing campaign with my "Special preview weekend" which typically draws a high level of motivated buyer traffic while I also personally develop and utilize an E-Marketing brochure audio visual for buyers and other agents; As a client, I organize, write and originate a website specially designed for the property placed on the market for sale. I am pleased to share the fact that I also utilize You Tube video; Online Seller Advantage; Zillow and other video resources for additional exposure.  My clients benefit from my "Mega" Open Houses along with my mailing campaigns which typically provide a high level of success for my clients.
  • Local newspaper, OC Register, LA Times, Orange County magazine and other print vehicle marketing; Strategic online advertising including Digital Open House magazine. 
  • Social Media:  As an experienced agent I utilize the tools which provide the greatest level of success for my clients.  I am pleased to be involved with various Social Media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram (among others!) for the highest level of success any real estate seller would desire. 
  • Information on how much a property is worth, how the market is doing, real estate reports and other pertinent information for new buyers and sellers.
Bottom Line...I utilize advanced marketing which is personally designed for each home I place on the market; I rapidly follow up on every potential lead...for my sellers and work to bring about a transaction for the greatest number of dollars within the time frame my client desires.
WHO YOU WORK WITH MATTERS...I will work to achieve your real estate goals...I one will work harder! 

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